Wednesday, May 12, 2004

G'Day All,
I'd like to apologize for my not blogging. But!!! Have u ever had one of those years? (And mind u it's only May.) It feels like one of those years already. I don't dare ask "what next" or "could it get any better?" Because I can honestly say u just never know what life is gonna throw at u. Does anyone out there identify with this? Life just keeps getting better. Wanna hear my woes? Well, ur here so now please just listen to the craziness of my world. I received a letter from the Drivers Bureau. A random request for proof of insurance. (did u know they did this?) On a car that I own that has been broke down since around July of 2003. I have to have this car legally tagged due to rules of the community that I live in. But, not driving it I assumed I didn't need insurance. (I cancelled it in Aug.) So, I had to prove that it was not operable during the time they requested the proof of insurance for. Well, this has taken well over a month to get straightened out. With several letters, including proof of insurance on my current car, and a print out of what the diagnostic machine said was wrong & a letter head from a reputable mechanics shop stating that the car was absolutely inoperable. That finally done I waited for another 3 weeks to hear back on their decision of the paperwork I submited. And yes, my license & plates were safe from suspension. The very next day I receive another letter from the same Drivers Bureau that states again my license & plates need to be relinquished due to an accident (Hubby) that hasn't been rectified. This is too bizaare. This accident has been taken care of well over a year ago. Crazy but now I have to start all over again & prove that this is all 'paid in full'. But instead of them doing all the research I have to dig out all the proof that I have & u tell me, where is all that paperwork. I'd also like to point out that I have 15 days to get this together & I don't check my mail very often. It's always just bad news anyway. Needless to say, I have 8 days to
a: find the paperwork
b: copy enough bull shit to confuse them &
c: prove once again that I don't deserve to lose my driving privledges. Hubby has been pms-ing for a few monthes now. He's in a 'SELF' mood. Self absorbed, self centered & self righteous. Jeez, it's way too late for me to be awake. I'm gonna have to edit this & add to it in a very near future.
Sorry, gotta go to sleep.....


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