Thursday, September 23, 2004

ET.... Phone Home

i made my first phone call to the twins today. i called in the middle of the day just to say 'hi' & see how they were doing. i talked to al first & said
'hi, al. how r u?'
she answered, 'hi, memaw. fine, gullocklocklockgullock.'
laughing i asked 'what?'
'r u being good?'
snickering, 'no' gullocklocklockgullock'
'r u & sissy going bye-bye with mommy'
'no, sissy, gullocklocklockgullock'
'ok. memaw love u...bye-bye'
'bye-bye, memaw. i love u'
he was the same thing. they r saying something that i should understand but what? no clue.
sonny is getting his twins this weekend. the first time overnight for him. i'm laughing. he's got his hands full.
wonder if this means i won't be getting dom & ixxie. they will definitely be an asset to keep home this weekend just for entertainment purposes. Maybe he'll bring everyone to see me anyway.
if not, i'm gonna be lonely.
stop being a wuss lindy. deal with it.......