Monday, May 29, 2006

Hold My Marbles Please

Happy Memorial Day.
i worked today so nothing was special on my agenda. i do have a confession though. either i've fried toooo many brain cells or i really am just beat. on the way home (i drive on auto-pilot so my mind tends to wander) i went through a series of thought processes. i went from the hell i live in to the hell i could still be living with a man who hit me (i can't really call it beating, he just randomly hit me) a bad boy to say the least, to this would be 32 years i would've been married to him to his birthday being about a week away to getting married on my younger sisters birthday (there nipper, does that make you feel better? i said younger sister.) to now i'm married to the totally opposite end of that spectrum (hit me? he can't even muster the get up & go to well, get up & go!) to i need to remember to call nipper for her birthday to don't forget to call nipper when i get home to as soon as i said happy birthday my brain snapped back to reality to sorry nipper, its not your birthday for another month. how crazy was that?
it could be too many kids for too many weekends. it could be work related. it could just be stress related. or not. like i said in the beginning, maybe i've just fried tooo many brain cells.
it was nice to chat with nipper though. she's the most fun of the bunch. i told her i'd send her a link to me but i wanted to talk about her first.
now, i gotta go. i'm going to bed early tonight & right now the shower is calling my name...