Saturday, May 20, 2006


hello all. sorry i haven't been around much but i've been thinking about the tag. ML i actually had to lose the axe. it kept cutting my sheets & i really like my sheets but i have collected gunny sacks for the body, shhh. Mad Becca, please don't hide my tape! i think i'd lose my mind if i didn't have it.
now, on to my 6 things....
1. i'm a closet smoker. i'm ashamed of the habit so i don't let just anyone see me do it & you'll never find a picture of me with a cigarette. its one rule i have.
2. i can totally take a car apart & put it back together. i worked for gm & studied everything there was about building cars. including putting the motor together.
3. i can cry on command. go figure?
4. my birth name is the same as one of Elvis Presleys' loves. i believe god meant me to be with him but he met her first.
5. i love to sleep. mostly because i can pretend my life is different in my dreams.
6. i'm so tender-hearted that my feelings are easily hurt but i don't let people know (cos i'm tough like that....NOT)
so, i'll tag 4 people but i'm not sure they read me or will ever know..
yvonne @ joy unexpected, osbasso @ views from the back row, leandra @ the knot has been tied, brian @ befrank...


Rainex said...

I can cry on command
too-I think only the
really wretched can do
Ok I'll give you back
that tape!

ML said...

:hand up: Wretched!!

Anonymous said...

Let me say, it's taking me FOREVER to think of 6 things to write!

Maybe I'm more boring than I think. :(

Lindy.. The Alien Keeper said...

How cool that we can all do that. Wretched!! hahahahah
Leandra, what do you think took me soo long to post? I had a dilly of a time thinking things up.