Friday, November 23, 2007

BS List

since i've talked to you last, i've had 3 estimates on fixing my car. all of them being a whopping $1000.00 or more. i really thought under $500.00 but i've learned the new business to make a quick billion dollar. get into car repair for insurance companies. man, those guys are ruthless & they really know how to rip a poor person off.
i got the shit scared out of me when i fish tailed on my way to work. i wasn't even going fast. just around a curve & all four tires lost traction. i'm figuring i must have hit some mud or wet leaves. the scary part was there were cars coming at me as well as going by me.
and i had a 10 point buck stroll across the road not 5 feet in front of my car. sonny has wished he could trade places with me about a dozen times over that one.
with hubbys help i've washed & waxed the car plus cleaned the inside out really good, armoralling everything. other than the mess the fender is in she looks great.
i've been to 2 thanksgiving dinners & cooked my own.
i've toured the oscar meyer weiner bus.
we've cleaned out the shed to make room for the chair.
now we can put up the christmas tree. if we can get it out of the closet that we stuck ALL the christmas stuff in last year.
we've put plastic up at our windows.
we've rebuilt the front door frame & rehung it so it now swings! my door swings people. i haven't had a swinging door in 10 years. its drug across the floor until it came into pieces. oh yeah, we rebuilt the falling apart door that is only a year old too. and we put up the insulation around it so no snow can blow in through the cracks.
we've put the twin bed in the front room for ixxie. the problem there was making the room for it to fit in.
we've changed door knobs on the back door. the screws had stripped out but it had worked so loose you had to slam it to get it to catch. actually, that one was a bitch cos we had to cut the old door knob off.
see all the stuff that happens when i don't take the time to get the grandkids?


Walker said...

That was alot of work you got acomplished.
Almost sounds like grandchild proofing the house again LOL.

I have alot of loose ends I have to get to myself and my door knobs LOL they date back to the 30's I think.
Talk about wobbly