Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Someone Do The Math

i wanted to share this
with you before i get to far & forget. i'm not sure that they would accept my hair. it says something about a 5% gray hair factor. do you think if i color my hair before i cut it the gray would come back? i mean, if i cut it its not living hair anymore. right? so, you tell me, will it fly or not? guess i should ask if it'll gray or not? of course, i'm not sure how to determine the percentage factor anyway. what is 5% of my head of hair. man, its almost more than my brain can compute. i think i just gained another percent of gray just thinking about it.
the appraisor finally showed up to check out my car. he met me at work & took pics. it was raining that day so dammmnnn, did the car look really good. with the fresh wash & wax job hubby & i did it almost looked like a brand new car in the rain. not to mention the slight paint job i did with the kids paint. (thats another post altogether cos me & paint just don't work well together) maybe he'll see fit to give me the money to fix it. actually, if he gave me the money that the car shop asked for to do the job i could do alot more than fix the wrecked front end. that is if i could get sonny to do the work for me. we could do it so much cheaper than the shop with used parts. the only thing would be trying to match the paint job & come on, lets be honest, i could paint the whole thing for about $400.00 anyways. i want to change the rag top too. eventually. its got a few weak spots & i know all rag tops leak alittle but when i get to work & my whole left side is wet its time to start thinking about a new top. really thats mostly due to the fact that i leave my window down a little while i drive & i think the windshield wipers are too big & throw the rain into the window. but any excuse to put a new top on is good enough for me.
oh, have i mentioned that 'traveler' (my nephew) has written a book? i got to read the uncut, unedited version. its pretty good. i say that cos once i started reading it i couldn't put it down till i finished it. thats how i judge my books. its a futuristic sci-fi about the end of life as we know it. right now he's in the process of getting an agent interested in it. if you read his blog he explains all the steps about breaking into the biz.
well, we all have thanksgiving under our belts (so to speak). now all i have to do is get through xmas & my birthday to get back to normal. i don't do the holiday season well. i don't know if its the weather or what but this time of year i just want to stay in bed & let it all pass me by. it could be just that i get another year older in the end. yeah, that sounds more like it. i used to say i quit having birthdays at 29 but that made people wonder when they found out my son was in his 30's. that got pretty hard to explain. if i quit claiming sonny maybe i could still pull it off. what do you think? oh, and keep coloring my hair.


Walker said...

Thats a great cause giving up your hair for someone who needs it.
I think the color eventually wears off.