Friday, April 03, 2009

Mastering The Fine Tuning

finally, i've just about finished with the bedroom. except for the curtains & deciding where everything will look best on the shelves. you know, the fine tuning. i really don't want to put it all up till hubby paints the ceiling. have you ever tried to get paint dots off of ceramics? that shit ain't easy. once i used this stuff called 'awesome' & it totally is just that because it really cleans your shit without scrubbing but it takes the color off with it. the only thing i know that works is good ole soapy water & that needs to be done as soon as possible. i'm so glad to have the floor fixed. that tilt a floor i had to walk through to go to the potty in the middle of the night was getting old. the pale tangerine color really brightened the room though. i should have done this years ago. even walking the tilt a whirl would have been easier if i could have seen like i do now. but, right now, its my favorite room in the whole house. up to this point my ivy covered kitchen was my fav. its moved down to the 2nd fav. i searched high & low for the perfect pieces for the kitchen till i had it all, then decorated it. i think its cute as hell. martha stewart ain't got nothin on me!!! i joke that i'm a 'jack of all trades: master of most'. how many women do you know that can cook the bacon, sew a pair of curtains & pull your motor out of the car all rolled into one? oh, and repair your computer to boot? ha! i'm too much. ow, i think i just pulled a muscle patting me on the back. i'm not as bendy as i used to be. and sad to say, i'm getting old.