Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Staying Busy

i told you that damn groundhog didn't know what he was talking about. he saw his shadow & predicted 6 more weeks of bad weather. well, here it is 2 months later & we've got snow!! its not accumulating but its been spitting snow all damn day. in case i haven't said it enough, i hate snow!!
i've found a new hobby. for the last year or so as we've flipped through the channels on saturdays i've stopped on the painting shows to watch a little. before i knew it i was looking for them intentionally. there's a woman named donna dewberry that does a show on pbs. i just love her. she does all kinds of projects but her one stroke painting is fabulous. i'm thinking of adding some charm to the freshly painted bedroom. maybe a tree & some flowers would be pretty. bring the outside garden in. i'm thinking of copying parts of my own garden. course, this may be too big of a project & i might wimp out but for right now, its on my agenda.
two big purchases are also on my agenda. i want a new flat screen hdtv. a BIG one. and i want a new computer. if you're wondering where i've been lately, i've been shopping. you know me, i can shop all day long. what you may not know is i'm a tight ass. i really hate to part with my money so to do that i have to find a really good deal. if you hear of any, let me know...


Walker said...

Its been snowing here to.
I live in wintewonderland i think.