Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Put A Lock On Your Shit

remember we went to grandparents day for ix a few weeks ago? after we had lunch remember we took her through the book fair? she gathered several books & we made her pick the one she really wanted. we had just given her & jammer each $15 bucks a few weeks before that to go to the book fair. a few days after our visit she started aggravating mom & dad that she needed another $15 bucks. sonny told her she'd already had plenty of money for the book fair & refused to give her more money. weelll, she decided better! she decided to steal a journal from the bookstore & guess what? she got caught! only by the time she was caught she had already written in the book so she had to fess up. only not before the school called sonny & let him know what she had done. this weekend I finally saw the book & checked it out. while reading through what she wrote i came across a page of 'my biggest wish' listings. want to know what ixxie's biggest wish was? grab your ass & cover the kids eyes cos this is gonna throw you for a loop!
her biggest wish was 'to have sex'! oh yeah, the next few years will definitely be a stress on my nerves. now i know why every time she leaves the yard we find her in the woods with a boy. i really wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt & believe that she didn't have a clue why it was so bad for her to be playing by herself in the woods with a little boy. one page of a diary & my hopes for a clueless little girl is out the window. yeah, she knows what she's doing. yeah, she'll be pregnant before she's 15. anyone know where i can buy a chastity belt? its either that or sew her twat shut! at nine years old i thought boys were yucky. i didn't even think about a boy in that way until i was at least 15. and my parents thought i was boy crazy. shit, they had it easy. when we were talking about it with her, jammer walked in & heard the last of the conversation. you wanna know what his biggest wish was? his biggest wish is to get a real gun! lord, help us all! i'm scared! aren't you?