Thursday, October 22, 2009

Booking Up My Time

is anyone here on facebook? i've avoided it like the plague. until a few months ago when a school pal contacted me after a birthday party he had. he said if i created an account i could see all the photos they took at the party. there were lots of my old school pals that came to his party & i had to see who all came. i finally gave in & created an account to check out the pics. i'll be honest. i'm not sure if i'm happy or just stressed with this facebook deal. yeah, i've reconnected with a lot of school friends & its been great. but i was also invited into some games. well, for the most part i did avoid the games until one of my friends invited me to join farmville. its been pretty cool. you plant things & lots of people give you gifts. some of them animals some of them decorations for your farm. you make money by helping other people clear their farms of foxes, crows, gophers & weeds. you also get extra points when you buy things for your farm. is anyone familiar with this game? i've created a pretty cool farm but lots of times when its time to harvest my plants or tend the animals i was kinda busy with something else so i let jammer take over the farm on the weekends. man, i have a mansion & elephants & a hot air balloon!
but the little shit joined me in a lot of other games & now i'm so stressed with all the crap i'm supposed to be doing i'm kinda sorry i ever got on facebook at all. you get invites to all the events going on around town cos everyone i know is either in a play or part of a halloween happening. not to mention birthday parties & school events. i mean, cripes! its everything. so, i sign into facebook & for an entire day its nothing but answering invites & accepting gifts, replying to people i know or haven't seen for years, harvesting plants, milking cows, picking fruits, helping neighbors, building houses, planting crops, tilling grounds....i swear, it never ends. and the best part? the best part is the little shit i let help me with my farm & accepted invites to so many other games isn't here all week so i'm stuck doing it all by myself! as slow as my computer is i'm waiting for up to an hour to go from one screen to another. its a vicious circle! i'm telling you one big vicious circle! i'm ready to buy him his own computer so he can keep up with everything all week long. anyone wanna sell me another computer? its open season on what i'd do to get this shit off my back!
well, now that i've ranted, to almost my hearts content. i guess i could just ignore these things but i hate letting people down. i mean, after all, its just a game.

the one good thing that came out of it all is i got to see a bunch of cool pics! school friends that have gotten old just like me. graying & fatter than they were. its fun to see who will friend me next. so, if i'm not around here & you have a facebook account you can find me at come on over to the frantic side!