Wednesday, April 14, 2010

GODS' Blessing

i went to an awards ceremony for the grandkids today. had to leave the house early & head in the opposite direction of work. it took me about an hour to get there. on the way i glanced down at the gas gauge & realized i was on empty. i pulled into the first gas station i came to & discovered i was missing my credit card. can you say 'oh shit'? i could. and did several times will i tore my purse apart because i couldn't even believe it wasn't there. i called hubby & asked him to look for it while i went into the store to see if i could beg some gas. i did have my checkbook with me but of course, they didn't accept checks. i explained my situation to the first girl i talked to & she sent me to a second girl who i had to go through the story with who, in turn, brought me the manager. he was very nice & agreed without any hesitation to take my check. i thanked him about a thousand times & god another million while i drove on down the road.
at the ceremony jammer was called first & received awards for exceptional math AND reading skills. he had two blue medallions draped around his neck. they also gave him certificates that read the same. ix received a blue medallion & a red medallion for exceptional reading & proficient math skills. this doesn't really surprise me cos sonny was always exceptional in both of those subjects too. he literally kicked ass in math & loved to read. i was one proud memaw! by the end of the ceremony the auditorium was jingling so loud you could barely hear anything over it.
i had told them i could't make it so jammer was so surprised to see me there that he jumped clear out of his chair & yelled. i got both video & pics of the whole thing. after it was over i kissed them both goodbye & we rubbed it in. just like we always do. you rub it into your heart & go 'poof' to make sure it gets there. some of the people around us thought it was just awful cute. i wonder how many kids will rub their kisses in tonight?
btw, did i mention hubby got a job? yahoo!!!! i've been praying for god to drop a job in his lap & there it was! a friend at work called me one day & asked if hubby still needed a job. one of her relatives has a window cleaning business & had a guy quit on him. he needed to replace him pretty quick. i told her oh hell yeah & the next day the guy stopped by to meet hubby & they chatted each other up pretty thoroughly. both loves music & had so

much in common i wondered if they would ever shut up. i don't think they have cos every day hubby comes home with so many stories he doesn't shut up till we fall asleep. and the best part? he lives right down the road from us, picks hubby up every morning & drops him off on his way home. isn't that amazing the way gods mysterious ways came through for us? i'm still thanking him every night for always being there for us. i was talking with someone yesterday & explaining how when i'm broke & so down i can't lift my head a twenty dollar bill will come rolling up & hit me on the foot. GOD IS GREAT & he blesses me every day of my life.


Walker said...

Life sounds good.
I think seeing their grandmother was the best award at the ceremony.

You have an honest face and they will cash your cheque
Sometimes you have to trust a little and the manager did just that

Rainex said...

Hey girl just a note to say hi! Mental state under control and all systems go again!

Rainex said...

Thanks for your comments! Word verification was gents lol