Saturday, April 10, 2010


can anyone tell me why i can only see part of my posts? i see the top but not the bottom & i can't read my comments unless i blindly click & happen on them. its like shooting craps in the dark. whats up with that? if i were braver i would just redo my whole site but i'm chicken shit to attempt it. if you have any ideas let me know. you might want to email me though cos like i said...i can't read my comments.


Tamara said...

I have no idea why your blog is doing that.
Here's my whole page was put together piece by piece by Letti
she is a total genius at blog building.I told her I wanted a scrapbooking theme,cuz thats my hobby...and look at all the cool stuff she added to my page.Each little thing is her creation.You might wanna ask her,she's a total sweetheart.I gave her my blog screename and password and she worked miracles!!
She's a gem as a fellow blogger buddy too.Ask her,hun.
Anyways,just poppin in to see how you and the bunch are doing.
Take Care ....hugggggs