Tuesday, September 21, 2004


we've now had 3, including a saturday night stay over. the state park meeting was fun but it was hard to try to get acquainted with mommy, twins & extra kids on the side, keep everyone busy & slide through the drama queens little fit (without too much going sour) & keep up with all the kids. the parents tended to stand at the table & talk while papaw & i got to watch all the kids. it wasn't even just the twins, dom & ixxie. we also got stuck with an 8 year old son william & a 5 year old, ciera (honeys that lives with his dad and a daughter that is a 1/2 sister to the twins that also lives with the dad). the kids were great. they immediately started playing & running with each other. the jungle jim was a bad idea cos of all the open places for small children to fall through. the slide attached was dangerous. but they loved it. i loved having them locked into swings that i could talk to them & look at them. being kids they were too busy for that too much of the time. the 3 babies all wound up falling at some point making someone feel bad. nobody actually sat down & ate at the same time & i was so tired by the end of the day that i didn't want to drive home let alone go to work the next day.
then, one of the days i only worked 1/2 day i invited the twins & mommy (now on know as mojo) to meet me at the zoo. she agreed & we had 3 really cool hours together. papaw met us there too. we saw the dinosaur exhibit & the elephants, cats & monkeys (twins favorites) had lunch & bonded. i introduced the twins to everyone i knew & they all got hugs & kisses. al had gotten stitches the weekend before (not with us) & was showing everyone her 'boo boo'. for future reference i want to mention that she had pulled her stitches out already & the gap was far from being healed. no point in having her stitched until she learns to leave it alone. do i think she will have more stitches? yes. i do. she's a rough & tumble kinda little girl. he (i really need nicknames for these 2) on the other hand stayed right by my side & acted like i was her guardian angel there to protect her from all the bad in the world. she clung to me like a vine. very shy & only gave hugs if asked. but she did give them. sweet & loving little girls. seems like hubby & i have been accepted & r gonna receive alot of love here.
this past weekend hubby & i had to pull our 16 hour day & didn't know if dom & ixxie were coming but we made arrangements with mojo to take the twins for saturday & she would pick them up sunday evening. after talking with sonny & letting him know this was the plan he decided to visit & bring dom & ixxie for the night as well. we had a blast. it was so much easier keeping up with the kids in a closed in area. they played, fought, screamed & loved all at the same time. it was all still bonding. it was all still great fun. makes my heart swell thinking of all the fun & hugs & kisses & just all round family together time we had. i love all my grandkids. its amazing how quick u can love a child. even if its not blood related. but its so cool to love kids that u know will always be apart of ur life. someone u can help to shape & teach. i can only pray that i can be a good influence on these kids. god knows we can all use all the help & guidance we can get.
till next time....
hug ur kid