Saturday, September 04, 2004

Dom Poo

dom has a slight rash so, i've been letting him go without a diaper here & there. guess this was one of the times that should've been between here & there. i'm doing up dishes & putting things away after lunch. dom says 'memaw poop'. i look around just in time for him to squat again having already dropped a good size hard load. (i add hard so u know it wasn't a disgusting mess to clean up.) well, we're also trying to give him an idea of how potty training is going to go. i grab him up & tell him 'ok, lets go to the potty & u can poo.' as i step over the gate to the hallway i look back to see where ixxie is. she's safely watching tv. off we go.
but the dog...oh nooo, the dog. i catch a glimpse of my dog as i am goin over the gate. the dog is at the 1st offense gulping & swallowing fast when i see the 2nd offense. the first offense is disappearing fast. gulp... gone. nowhere to be seen. oh no... my dog ate poo..
mousey just ate dom poo... i had to come back into the room to remove the 2nd turd telling her the whole time 'NO MOUSEY, COME TO MOM. come on.!!! that dog kisses me. i can't have her eating shit. right? RIGHT?
dom & i can practise potty anytime.