Thursday, November 11, 2004

On To The Funny Stuff

See i KNEW it wasn't just me....

MIAMI (AFP) - Shocked supporters of defeated US presidential candidate John Kerry are seeking help from psychologists, who refer to their condition as "post-election selection trauma."
is it over yet? is all the ugliness gone? is it safe to open my eyes? no? well, let me tell you a funny story about this weekend. maybe this will lighten the mood.
we were sitting in the living room watching a movie when jammer came out from his nap. he stopped just inside the kitchen & looked around. he saw daddy sitting on the left, mommy just past him (cos she has to be right ontop of him all the time), ixxie on the floor playing, papaw on his far right & me closest to him on the right. daddy saw him coming & said 'hi, come see daddy.' he just stood there. mommy leaned forward & said 'u coming in to say hi?' he still stood there. only he got this thoughtful look on his face then. daddy said 'what cha doin, boy? come on in here.' jammer looked at him with an aggravated scowl & said 'me go potty daddy.' wouldn't u agree that this is a telltale sign as to a good time to start thinking about potty training? man, they grow up way too fast. but i laughed so hard i think i hurt myself.
does he mean to be this funny? no, i don't think he does. but man he can crack me up. i've heard of 'out of the mouthes of babes' but this one is a keeper. even when he's not trying to be funny he's hilarious.