Monday, November 29, 2004

Mini Vacation

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone In Blogdom.. Wow! i'm amazed its been so long since i've posted. i've been busy. we started having thanksgivings a few weeks ago when i got the urge to have turkey so strong that i couldn't fight it. so, i fixed one. then a sister wanted to have one & get the sisters together, which we did, my mother in law had one & my step mom had one. then this weekend after thansgiving sonny wanted me to fix another big meal. i had one more turkey in the freezer & we just finished it off. i'll never get turkeyed out though. i love turkey. i can never get enough. also, i can never be thankful enough for all i have.
this thanksgiving was a good one. i actually got to see the people that i really wanted to without having to deal with some of them that i don't care to see. my dad being one that i'm not sure i was in the mood to deal with. (u know who u are i don't have to go into it.) we got the twins & jammer for the weekend. ixxie decided to go visit other relatives. its nice to have just the 'family' once in awhile.
but kids are the same & not much changes. little girls haven't changed since i was a little one. they r still whiny crybabies. jammer is a typical boy & wants to make them cry as often as possible. then collect kisses to make up to them for being mean. He's talking up a storm & lots of fun.
i haven't been to work since wed. & i like that. our incoming mail seems to be lost & while we have some downtime i decided to take advantage of it. of course, i'm using up valuable pto (personal time off) time. but what the heck. i'm off for now & i'll be missed. hopefully.
well, i gotta hit the shower. been a busy weekend & heading back to work is gonna be tuff......