Sunday, December 26, 2004

Holiday Cheer?

Merry belated Christmas.. to all of you out there. For me it's not really belated cos I'm still up from Christmas day. All one day for me.. how about you. Do you really ever get on top of things? I do, finally, the day I have to have it all done. Cleaning, shopping, wrapping, visiting...yada, yada... I never find the end of it all. If you do, congratulations.. that's not my life. I have to visit sooo many places & buy for sooo many people that it just can't be fun anymore. It's a whole new job every year that I have no choice but to accomplish. Mine isn't near over yet. I've only really done the thing here with my son & his family. I still have all my family to hit. Mom's, 3 sisters & a brother that all have presents for the kids. a few for me too, i'm sure. but my christmas isn't about me. it's the kids & how to stretch my dollars to cover all the people we have to buy for. always a challenge.
When I was a kid it was all about the birth of Jesus Christ. Nowadays, it's all about how many gifts each one got & how much money was spent. Does anyone remember when the whole family went to church? I know it wasn't just us. I mention church & everyone just looks at me with that 'don't make me go' look. It actually made me feel good. Being with all those people that loved god & was truly glad to celebrate his life. It was good being a kid without the worries & pressures.
I'll be honest. I didn't want to go to church all the time. Mom did though & we didn't have a choice. She made us go every Wednesday & Sunday. And she taught vacation bible school so we had to do the week thing every summer. Of course that could be fun too. You got to make some little craft & color pictures. And I liked learning. Even about god.
so, back to the norm. I didn't really mean to go off on a tangent about god & religion. my memories are probably better than the real thing was or it would still be a popular thing to do.
my female doggie is in heat & guess who's noticed? my bird. he was never shy about getting his rocks off but since the dog has come in heat it seems like he is always jacking off. on any of his toys, his cage cover, the hair brush, my head... it doesn't matter he backs up to whatever & starts rocking. then he gets all puffed out & grabs hold of something & i swear he looks like he'd like a smoke when he's done. of course the dog wants outside a million times a day too. always in hopes of a 'playmate' coming along not leashed that she can play with. damn horny amimals.
christmas was fun with all the kids. my first with the twins & jammers 2nd. last year he didn't really understand it but this year he sure knew how to rip the presents open. his look the whole day was of total awe. he couldn't believe all the new toys & it was obvious all over his face. sweet. we all had a very good day.
i guess i'm gonna go now. i'm kinda distracted. i know theres things i want to tell you but they should probably wait for another day. i can't think of them right now. isn't that the way it goes? seems like i have a million things to say till i sit down & start to type.
one thing before i go is hubby is about to be layed off. this comes every year at this time. i hate it. money gets really tight for awhile but then income tax comes along just in the nick of time. usually. one thing about him being layed off is i will get the pc for my fair share. he stays on all day doing everything he can possibly do so when i get in from work he's totally done & i get it. u'll be hearing much more from me.
until then Happy New Year all. let me know how it goes. i'll be reading u...
later for now..