Thursday, December 02, 2004

Stranger Things Have Happened

every day this week, driving anywhere, a flock of birds has crossed my path. flying low & fast all around my car as i'm cruisin' in my rush to get somewhere on time. (never happens, i'm always late) i pray everytime it happens 'please, don't let me hit one'. i hate to hit an animal. i've had that experience twice in my lifetime. both times caused horrible feelings. i cried both times too. once the little boy standing along side the road was calling his dog home. i didn't see the dog coming cos i was already past him when he decided he could run under my car, between the wheels, to get to the boy before my 55mph back tires could get to him. he lost that bet. i didn't kill him. i stopped back every few days bringing him some little treat to check on him. i think he learned to not play with cars in the road but it was a hard lesson for both of us to learn. the second time a ferret did the same thing only he missed the gap all together & hit the side of my car. he broke his leg & i nursed him back to health then found him a new home. one where he couldn't escape & play 'hari-kari' with the cars.
something else thats on the move in my area are the deer. and on these dark country roads that can be tricky. on our way into work we always see deer that didn't make it across. the one thing that i can say about seeing the deer is alot of times u get to see them before they get hit. they're soo beautiful & elegant... when they're not scattered across the road.
did u hear about the guy that sat his lava lamp on the stove & it exploded. a shard of glass pierced his heart. killing him instantly? 24 years old. would u have expected that?
what about the sargeant that was holding a gun on a terrorist in irag. the terrorist grabbed the gun & turned it on the sargeant shooting him in the face. the guy just stood there. the bullet hit his tooth & shot his tooth out of his mouth but stopped the bullet dead.
its almost the weekend & time for the aliens again. they are the strange and unusual as i've heard it said.