Sunday, January 02, 2005

Deeper!! Deeper!!

Did that get your attention? I knew it would. The filthy minds we all have. haha.
Speaking of deeper. How many of you got hit with that snow storm that traveled right through my sanity? I hate snow & ice. I sneered at the prediction cos who believes the weatherman? They are like NEVER right. Right? Who knew that this time they would be on the money? And to be right the week of Christmas with all that snow. A white christmas my ass. We lost power for 2 days. They had shelters set up for people cos they had no electric or heat for days. The ice started falling on Tuesday...all night long. By morning we had 6 inches of ice frozen solid & another 6 inches of snow on top of that. The car was frozen in a huge heap of ice. If you didn't know better you would have thought I had a small hill in the middle of the driveway. The kids used it to sled down. Hell, I only made it to work one day Christmas week. I certainly didn't plan on that. I hate being snowed in. I hate not being able to go to when I want to go. I could have actually made it more than that but I requested Monday off to get my shopping done & of course, Friday, being Christmas Eve & all. Wednesday was really nasty but by Thursday the county had pretty well taken care of our roads. Out here in the country they tend to take care of the worst state roads first. No, it wasn't my end that had so much trouble but the city I work in had a hard time dealing. We got the car dug out by Thursday & all the ice chipped off of the glass. The last of it finally came off after I got to the store & the car warmed up. It was neat. While hubby pumped K1 for us I started scraping on the trunk & hood. I could hit it with the heal of my hand to get it to break apart, then slide it off. A young guy in the lot saw what I was doing & came over to give me a hand. I thought that was sweet for the Christmas cheer.
I think I just heard a first. The first time I've ever heard a child ask if someone would "kill" a toy. When did she start to get annoyed with a musical toy that wouldn't shut up?? They usually just walk away from it & let it run. I really didn't think, never would I hear her utter those words.
And the tree is still up cos it's my birthday. Happy Birthday to me! I always leave it up through my birthday. Just cos I like the twinkling lights. For my birthday I will always want twinkling lights. If I die on my birthday there better be twinkling lights.
Love ya.