Monday, August 15, 2005

A Dime A Dozen

men that think they're smart. stupid drunk, not thinking, idiot. take a guess who i'm talking about.
sitting on the floor wrestling with jammer (a 2 year old). jammer runs at him like he's done a thousand times. like the thousands of times he's done with his dad & any other man that wants to play rough with him..sitting with his back to the television set. jammer runs at him again, fists clenched, grinning from ear to ear. he's sure he's gonna get him this time. jammer even warns him that 'i'm gonna git you' with his eyes twinkling. what does the idiot do? he leans over just before jammer gets to him leaving jammer flying into the television set behind him. slamming full force. hitting every piece of his body hard against the damn thing.
yeah, this is a smart man. try to explain to me how someone with an above average...almost genius i.q. thought that one up. and please tell me again how he was always put in the gifted classes & how he aced college. yeah, whatever. theres a fine line between a genius & an idiot. my hubby is that fine line.
i hate boys play fighting. but nobody will listen till someone loses an eye.
at least thats what momma always said.