Thursday, August 04, 2005


did you know there is a new disease? a disease just for bloggers. something about blog exhaustion. not only can we get fired for our blogs, now we can even get depression over blogs. i wonder, does my hmo cover this? this is getting to be way too stressful worrying about what blogging can get you. heck, i thought i was doing it to relieve my stress. do people really take this thing that serious?
i've read blogs that one day, just went dead. if you read the comments afterwards, sometimes they actually fight, like the 'whatever happened to baby jane' kinda thing. they argue back & forth about they were dead or arrested, lost their jobs or fell into some pussy hole.
i totally think sometimes bloggers just leave you hanging to see how long or how often you'll check back on them & how many comments they may get for some post. for the most part i think some of them just get tired of whatever lie they've been building on & get tired of being the writer they thought they were. tired of coming up with new 'chapters'. sometimes i think they just start up another blog on a new subject . i see alot of writing that resembles each other in style & phrasing. the funniest thing is they all link to each other. now, you have to admit there are lots of bloggers out there. it's kinda strange when you happen to check out a few bloggers that just happened to find all of the same blogs & link them to their sites. especially when all of a sudden they all stop blogging right around the same time or even weirder when they all start blogging again at the same time.
its just strange the way the web works. well, the people on the web is what i mean. you could do some research & probably find out almost anything you want to know. but to be a blogger & to read certain blogs, you just have to relie on a persons integrity...around here we call it the honor system. whether what they tell you is the truth or not, all lies on them. i really miss the ones i read when they quit posting completely. and until i hear from the ones that take breaks i worry. either way i wanted to tell you i may get lazy about blogging. sometimes hubby beats me to the pc so often that i feel like a stranger when i sit down to the keyboard. sometimes i've just been so busy at work that when i get home the last thing i want is to look at another monitor. whatever, there will be times that i won't get to post for whatever reason. but i promise if i ever get tired of blogging or i find that happy place for me where i don't need to blog or i can't tell you where i am. check me out cos something is wrong (dementia?). i'm gonna give someone the password & a link to this site just in case something happens to me. that any friends who read me will know exactly what happened to me.
heaven forbid cos i want to blog for alot of years.
cheers to missing friends.


JERKJ said...

Are some really that lonely that they develop blogger multi-personalities, linked to one another so they can convince themselves they have friends? If that's the case, I'm not nearly as screwed up as I thought. It could be a grown-up's answer to childhood's supressed imaginary friends.

Lindy.. The Alien Keeper said...

by george, you might have something there. sounds reasonable. it could even explain alot.