Sunday, November 13, 2005

Still Floating

i know i kinda left that last post hanging but i really don't know what i want. i just feel like i'm missing something. i hate the feelings i'm having. i'd like to run away. just disappear.
of course, being sick hasn't helped. crap, maybe thats it. maybe the fever has fried my brain. it's a great diet though, i don't feel like eating anything, so i've dropped 12 lbs. i might not feel good but damn i'm looking great from the neck down. if i could just get up enough energy to dress i'd take my sweet little ass out for a ride or go to work.
i haven't been to work in a week. it's a down time so i'm not missing anything. we have a temp that needs training & theres not enough work to keep everyone going so if i was gonna miss time now is the best time to get sick. not that theres ever a good time to get sick but you know what i mean.
looking on the brighter side of things:
its too bright & my eyes need to adjust.


Rainex said...

I for one would miss you-
I'm a bit of a floater
I don't care if I don't
leave my mark on life-just
as long as I amd my family
are happy.
Great being ill when you
lose the lbs! Makes it all
worth while!