Wednesday, November 30, 2005

On Being Thankful

i've got one for you. yes, you all know i've been sick. not just any sick but deathly sick. i've shared this info with anyone that would listen. including sonny, honey & all the kids which is where the sick came from. i've said about a dozen times how loved i am when i get whatever cold they have. thanking them soooo much for sharing all the love & the germs. i mean they knew i'd missed a whole week of work & not on any kind of fun loving vacation. sick in bed with fever & shits & shakes & no, definitely no, fun. what did sonny & honey decide would be just the thing to shake me out of my sick bed? make me cook a thanksgiving meal. not just cook it though. nothing that simple. i had to shop for it first. so, first thing thanksgiving day i'm on my way to the grocery store to buy the food that i had not intended to cook. first disappointment is i'm out of my sick bed & second disappointment is the store is out of turkeys, well, ham would have to do. third disappointment is sonny, honey & snarkie are the only ones that ate. everybody else was still too sick to even think about food.
to make matters even worse...hubby is 2 sheets into the wind with his beloved vodka by the time everyone gets here. this always makes for a memorable day. i feel so ashamed for the way he treats us when he gets that drunk. sonny & honey didn't stay long considering all the love & welcome that was oozing from his body language but they left all four kids regardless. shithead honey wouldn't dream of giving up her weekend free of kids to be stuck up sonnys' ass.
friday morning i am greeted by a somber group all sitting on a separate seat. apparently, his hang over didn't allow any noise & for one reason or another everyone was being punished. great start to the morning. remind me to do a 'why i hate my husband' post sometime.
to sum things up.... what am i thankful for? that its over!!!!!