Sunday, February 19, 2006

Snow Way!

how weird is this weather? one day its 64 degrees outside & the next its down to 23. AND we have snow. i hate that shit. when is this global shift going to happen? i'm ready for the warm weather & let someone else have this snow shit. i don't want to move until i see how its going. my luck i'd move farther south & the snow would follow me. guess i'll just sit this one out & see what the rest of the year brings. course, if i move south i'm looking at hurricanes & that ain't good..
valentines day came & went without a hitch. by without a hitch i mean i didn't have to do it after all. come on all know what the it thing is. there are just some things i know we all share in the dictionary of life.
it: a. the obligatory sex thing brought on by special days, known as holidays, et al, valentines day, christmas, new years, your birthday. b. sometimes due to pure lust or horniness. c. often due to drunken stupor.
yeah, that it.
so it hasn't been all bad.
today is jammers birthday. big guy is 3. he's at home with sonny & honey for a birthday party. funny thing is i was never verbally invited. i know i am without saying but just to not even been asked or have one of them say 'can you make it?' i'm not there. i think that says something. i don't know if my feelings are hurt or if its just me being me. think i ask too much sometimes? whatever.
i think i'll go lick my wounds.


ML said...

You don't need an invite to your grandkids party - you just turn up for his sake.. sod the rest of them.

Rainex said...

Don't let them crowd you
out girl!

Lindy.. The Alien Keeper said...

thank you friends. i do love your support & advise.