Sunday, February 26, 2006

Berries Of Some Sort

now....right my home....on the couch. my husband is giving the dog raspberries. no, not the fruit...on her belly. with his mouth...blowing full force. right now...on the couch...i swear i think this drunk is crazy. i know my dog thinks he's lost his fucking mind. or maybe she thinks she's lost her mind & this isn't really happening. but someone isn't right. she's got this please help me...please save me look on her face. she's pleading with her eyes to please be released from this nightmare, make it stop! ms. m hasn't had the best week. she's had way too much company. she has seizures if she gets too excited. yes, she's been too excited. she's had several seizures both in the morning & evening. they're really weird. for no good reason, just all of a sudden, she starts stiffening up & her eyes get this glazed over look. when its over she's just fine but i hate like hell to watch her have them. we've tried several medications & we're still in the process of finding what works for her. did you know that cigarette smoke can make a dog have a seizure? who'd of thunk it? i was pretty amazed at the list of things that cause them or have been linked to them or is just someones know-it-all list. hell, the bird actually landed on her head bringing her out of a dead sleep. he flew off immediately & she didn't even know what hit her. that one was pretty funny but it did add to her stress level cos she had a seizure that night too. he's never offered to land on her before. near her, yes, he has no problem teasing her but never landed on her. she freaked out & jumped up so fast that i thought something bit her. she then did about 3 really fast circles looking at her tail that made me wonder if she had a dingleberry. she has freaked out over dingleberries before. by that time she noticed us laughing so hard we were crying & rolling on the floor so she stopped dead & just looked at us with her head quirked to one side as if to say 'ok. what the hell was that?'
ok. i have to go break this up. now he's giving her kisses on the head. remind me sometime to tell you how i came by this crazy dog i have. hey, that works for both of them, hubby & ms. m.