Saturday, April 29, 2006

Hating, Its Not Just For Hubbies Anymore

we have the twins this weekend. its been awhile since we've seen them. last tuesday they turned 4 years old so we're doing a party this weekend for them. mojo, their mother emailed me last week to tell me how sonny wasn't consistent enough in his visitation with them. i pissed her off by emailing back that he has been with the same woman & in the same home since we've known her but she has had 6 different homes & 3 different boyfriends. how could she knock his life when theres no consistency in her own? personally, i think the only consistency any of them have is here. even if i do hate my hubby the kids don't see any of that.
snarky has gotten hold of another pair of scissors & cut the shit out of her hair. it now doesn't even reach her shoulders & hers was the longest of the 3 girls.
speaking of cutting hair. honey took a pair of clippers to jammer & it looks like shit too. theres nicks to the scalp in some places & basically looks like she put a bowl on the top part. while she was fucking up everyones hair she cut about 7 inches off ixxies too. turns out 3 out of 5 days last week she came home with lice. the school is supposed to check their hair every friday but when honey complained they told her it wasn't their problem. she wants me to write a letter to the school board. what do you say to a school board that has a lice problem? she comes home with lice at least once a week. any ideas? 'dear school board, i would like to request that you take a moment out of the school day to investigate your lice problems.' sounds kinda lame to me.
i've felt like my head has been itchy most of the last year. you know that feeling you get, like somthing is crawling through your hair everytime you hear the word lice? i've actually cut alot of length off my hair too. i've kept it about shoulder length since ixxie started school. nobody has found lice or nits in my head but that nagging feeling is always there. once i get an itch in one spot it seems like it crawls through my head till it makes the rounds. how many times have you scratched since you started reading?
ewww, i hate lice, roaches & hubbies.
haha, they all seem to fit into a catagory for me. my i hates.


Rainex said...

At least you can deal with
lice! They will go at some