Saturday, April 01, 2006

Just A Streakin

guess what i got to do. i was invited to go on a 'behind the scenes tour' at our infamous zoo to check out the elephants. let me tell you, this was the coolest thing i've ever been involved in! they showed me the poop shoot that was about 3 feet in diameter. they showed me the elephants room. they showed me the okapis room. they showed me the giraffes room. then they got serious....they let me pet the okapis. they let me pet the elephants. they let me feed all the animals. then they let me bathe an elephant. man, this was the coolest day!
i actually, almost, got felt up by an elephant. talk about groping hands we're talking about a 3 foot trunk that went just where it wanted. one girl had a skirt on that had an elastic band. the elephant actually pulled her skirt off. seriously people, i am not making this shit up.