Sunday, January 27, 2008

Winged Horses, Fairies & Magic Dust

jammer finally pulled his tooth. he said he did it all by himself & he got a whole dollar for it. he was so excited with his dollar. kinda makes me wish we had regrowable teeth cos sometimes i could use a buck from a fairy. couldn't you? come to think of it, man, if teeth regrew i could use a few thousand at a time from a fairy. i don't care what fairy just any fairy would do. course, i'd want my teeth to regrow really quick. i'm sure i wouldn't look good without teeth.
while we're in fairyland. i could use a flying horse, a unicorn would do. just cos i think they're so pretty. i'd want mine to be purple with flowing white mane. and sparkles. yeah, lots of sparkles. and a regrowable gold horn. shit i need lots of money. can you tell?for the last week my drivers side front wheel has gotten more & more wobbly. i know the process of elimination starts with my tie rod end. there was no clicking sound so i immediately dismissed my cv joints. then it could be my ball joint. if its my ball joint i might as well go all out & replace the axle. just an easier job. probably cheaper too. so, hubby grabbed the tire & tried to shake it. it shook but just a tiny bit. as bad as its driving it had to be more than that. so i was more or less leaning towards the ball joint deally. (lots of my teeth having to go there) even if the axle is cheaper to replace its still gonna cost a pretty penny. finally i gave up & called sonny. in my finest mommy begging voice i asked him to take a look with hubby to figure out what it was this weekend & we had to fix it. my worst nightmare is of me dying in a car accident. i just know thats how i'm gonna go. after he had to deal with a flat tire he made it late this afternoon, jacked the car up & immediately pointed out my cv boot is shot. it was dry with shards of metal showing inside. it was already getting dark so he packed it with grease & told me he'd fix it next weekend. all i could think is nooooo, not another week!! i'll never last another week!
i still need to replace my lights that were busted in the wreck. i want to replace my convertible top.
oh, hell if i'm gonna dream i might as well dream big. i need a new house & a new car & a new job & a new .........damn, the list goes on & on & on. i need some magic dust too. that should fix all my worries.


ML said...

I was only grumbling yesterday that at this age we only seem to part with cash in multiples of £500. I remember a time when I was able to get together enough money to buy cigarettes from under the sofa cushions - those were the days.