Thursday, January 17, 2008

Growing Up

yes, in case you're wondering, i changed all my passwords to one. yes, it has capitals & numbers & its at least 6 characters to meet their criteria. i'm good to go, now. after all that i figured since i was in the upgrading mood i might as well start on the pc too. so, i upgraded to more ram & fixed the broken plugin to my cdrw & added the program that works with my cdrw. i figured in for a for a pound. i did all the things to make my pc faster & better & now i'm good for another 230gigs of crap that i can add to my, what was then, full hard drive capacity. mbwwaaahhaaa. i'm in evil mode now.
on the lighter side, jammer is about to lose his first baby tooth. it cost sonny $40.00 to find this out from his dentist. jammer smacked his tooth on the schoolbus seat causing it to become loose. honey, (being the idiot that she is) insisted they rush him off to the dentist. dentist shookit & said 'oh, yeah, its ready to come out of there. his permanent tooth is right behind it ready to come in & this is normal'. sonny said, well, that was a waste of forty bucks. honey said, well, i didn't know. i said, yeah, i've been trying to get him to eat an apple for me. jammer said, 'i'm having nothing to do with any of that'. so, he has this tooth thats ready to literally drop out of his mouth but hanging on by mere shreds of skin that he refuses to pull out. i'm sure it'll be gone by the time he gets back here next weekend. i just can't believe sonny hasn't yanked it out already except its jammers first real loose tooth instead of his sisters abnormal way of making him lose teeth.
other than that i've just been boring. nothing exciting going on, so, you haven't missed anything.
i'll be back when i have something new going on.


ML said...

I think the way kids deal with wobbly teeth is such a tell tale on their personalities..

I always persistently wobbled mine gently until it was about ready to go and then pulled it.

The second C finds one of his has a degree of movement - that sucker is out of there! He grabs it with some tissue paper and rips it out!

Walker said...

Dentists are not cheap and they have changed from the time I was a kid.
back the I saw Dr DoorKnob for any tooth extractions.
I used to poke at mine until they fell out after my first visit to Dr Doorknob