Saturday, January 12, 2008

Out With The Old But What Did I Do With The New?

just dropping in to let you know the situation. between thanksgiving, christmas (that really drained me), the new year, the birthday that added yet another year to my already aged brain, the snow & the bills that i can't pay....i forgot my password! seriously, just after christmas i decided to change my password. cos THEY (whoever 'they' may be?) advise you to change it periodically. for safety from hackers. be damned if i didn't forget which one i assigned to the blogger & its taken me this long to remember. i don't think they gave this much thought when it comes to the old & delapidated brain that i'm working with or the fact that i've always joked that for everything new i add to this lump something old has to be deleted. little did i realize it would be the password function. but after a few weeks of racking my lump....UREKA! it came to me. no ureka is not the password but its a thought for the future. at least i'd have a hint. so, i'll be back soon. i have a few more passwords i have to remember & then i'm gonna change them all to one password & the hell with the hackers. i have to take somekind of control here.


Walker said...

I believe you because i have forgotten mine before and worse I have another blog out there that I cant find because I forgot the password and I cant remember the URL.