Monday, March 30, 2009

Pride In Success

i told you jammer has been learning to read. he's doing so well. every report he brings home is marked with exceptional on it. his teacher says he's doing work above his grade. report cards are being sent home next week & he's in the 'fab four' club for his distinguished work. doesn't that just tickle you? he's so proud & puffed that i think he's gonna bust sometimes. he called his great grandpa to let him know how well he's doing. he thanked him for the birthday card with the $6.00 he sent him. he explained how hard he was trying to learn to read & telling him how to spell some of the harder words he knows. he held his own in the conversation. the last thing i heard him say was 'i love you very much'. my dad told him how much he loved him back. i think he's bucking for more money out of this deal.