Saturday, March 07, 2009

Working Is A Way Of Life

sonny has been to see his lawyer. turns out he was overpaid in his child support. he now has grounds for a lawsuit against the state for his incarceration. and mojo is in for some pretty enlightening lessons on conniving & basically trying to fuck people over. i can't go into alot of details here but i sure wish i could be a bug on the wall at her place real soon. this lawyer is awesome & i don't say that often. the lawsuit against the state will probably turn out to be a class action cos there are so many men out there that have been railroaded. i'm not saying every man doesn't deserve what they get. having kids that you don't want to take care of is easy enough to avoid. use rubbers, duh! but i commend dads that try to be part of their kids life & abide by the laws. its just the laws out there need to be rewritten to take into consideration the differences that may apply to individual situations. its just not a 'one size fits all' kinda world out there anymore. this woman had a man raising her kids, paying their way while she sat home on her ass, enjoying the 'stay at home' mommy life & didn't think twice to make sonny aware that he even had 2 daughters he didn't know until she found herself divorced & needing to make an income. even then she took money from that man & let him go on thinking he was supporting his kids until he decided they should go through the courts before he got screwed in that process. to top that off she still didn't ever take it upon herself to get a job. she went to welfare & child support for more of a free ride. i don't understand how she can look herself in the mirror & not feel bad about the way she's manipulated all of their lives. those babies tried to explain to me how they had 2 daddies because they were twins but they didn't know daddy sonny until they were older cos their other daddy didn't know about him. poor mixed up kids. i sure do miss those girls & i'll be glad when its all settled. and you know, i contacted the state department to find out what rights i had to see the twins & they told me 'grandparents rights' didn't really apply anymore. they changed that law several years ago & there wasn't much i could do to even be considered in any kind of visitation unless i could prove that not seeing them was duress for the girls. thats just plain wrong! i know it's heartbreaking for me & i know the girls miss us too but how do you go about proving something like that?
you know, when i was a kid my mom got $25.00 a week for my sister & myself. that was $12.50 a piece. my step mom did her part of putting it to my mom when she started paying by the month cos she would make a check out for $100.00 a month not accounting for the 5th week at least 3 times a year. my mother was a single woman raising us & she needed every penny she got her hands on. but my mom never turned to welfare. she worked her ass off to make ends meet.
when sonny's dad died social security helped tremendously but i still worked!
its just not right the way this woman has taken advantage of every life she touches. i can't wait to see her get her just deserts!


Tammi said...

What the....?
You gotta be kidding? The system seems to cater more to the mom...even when the father is REALLY trying hard to be a good dad.
My daughter never knew her stupid father until she was 16....and that's HIS fault...not mine.I begged him to at least get to know her before shucking his responsibilty.Hell,I didn't want $$...I hoped he would be a father figure....NOT!!!

Tammi said...

U okaY???

Walker said...

Hmmmm either your posts are back dated or i am fucken blind.
There are women out there who abuse the system like there are fathers who jerk off on theri responsabilities.
Sonny should sue the shit out of them for locking him up and causing distress for his whole family and they shopuld sue aswell.
Look into that.

My ex was getting 800 per kid per month from the province and she was broke all the timke and threw the kids out when she lost it.
Welfare makes people lazy.

When i won visitation rights she took off 3000 miles away.
The system works best for the abusers that the responsible ones