Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lindy, Thy Name Is SHIT

i've done it now. hubby is madder than a branded bull at me. i broke my computer. i had received a new video camera for xmas & after i loaded the drives for it one of the programs that came with it said it had to have directx 8 to run. big dumbie. i downloaded 8 & when it restarted my pc i had nothing but the a purple desktop. no icons, no start menu, nothing. then a box opened & said explorer caused an invalid page fault in explorer.exe. to the best of my knowledge there is about a dozen things you can do to fix this but the chance of any of those things actually fixing the error are about a ninety to one shot. well, i was in the ninety percentile. everything i tried told me it couldn't find my c drive to even fix it. i finally just formatted my hard drive & reinstalled the operating system. you'll notice the date on this is wwaaayyy back in feb. & here we are going into the 2nd week of march. i've had the pc running again but i had to start from scratch. i've been working on it for the last few weeks trying to get it back to where it was. i've finally given up on reloading all the shit i had on it & just leaving it bare bones for now. mostly so i could get back to this post & start writing again. if you want to call my occasional ranting anything akin to writing. anyway, my virus protection no longer supports us & the first thing i had to do was find a new one (& i wanted a free one that was worth a damn). i'm still experimenting with them cos i'm not happy with the one i have. it runs constantly in the background & slows the pc down way too much. while you're trying to open a page you have to go to tools & allow it as a safe site before the antivirus will allow it to even open. this is taking way too long. what i've decided to do is remount my backup hard drive & transfer everything back onto my new re-formatted hard drive. that will almost put me back where i was. in the mean time i've been saving as much of my pictures & documents as i could. for now, i'm just waiting to take a mini vacation. i can't get diddly done with the kids around. that kinda makes weekends worthless as far as the resuscitation of my internet life as i knew it. i've put in for thurs & friday off from work a few weeks from now to do the deed. so, i'm back for now but just barely.


Anonymous said...

I've been on the internet since 1995 and as a firm believer that Anti Virus software companies actually propogate the virii their software supposedley kills - I don't buy it. As a by product of this I've had 3 virii. That's THREE in 12 years. Two of which I stupidly watched myself install after downloading stuff in a newsgroup. And one that Cameron managed to sort for us after clicking through a series of banner ad games eventually getting his homepage hijacked by some gambling website.. so no really a legit virus.

If you use a good webmail like GMAIL that filters out spam and don't download random unexpected attachments from people and stay out of newsgroups you'd really have to be trying hard to pick up a virus. Firewall isn't a bad idea though.

Tammi said...

Hey hun,
I went out and bought an anti-virus (Norton) and the damn thing wreaked havoc on my I went to one of those "genious tech-dudes" sites,and they said that the FREE version of AVG is better bthan ANYTHING you can buy.They were right.I uninstalled Norton,and my computer speeded up,and no more crazy issues.
Just a thought.
By the way...your a sweetheart for being my buddy through this stupid crisis I put myself into.

Tammi said...

checkin in

Tammi said...

Your link should say "THY BUTT IS MISSING"lol
Not funny...but your making me look like some sort of stalker,cuz I keep hopping back on here to see what's up.

Walker said...

I have screwed up many times and i plan on doing so again because you can;t trust software manufatorers.
I would have started with a restore or a repair and loaded a backup.
I have learned that backups are important after i smoke my unit more times than i have fingers.