Saturday, June 06, 2009

3 Weeks Of Everything

exciting things have been happening around here. you're gonna flip when i tell you everything thats happened in the last 3 weeks. thats if i can remember all the important things while i'm posting this. for starters: yaayyy! we got our big screen tv. that was a fiasco all by itself. we bought it but it wouldn't fit in the car. so, we had to find a way to get it home. once we got it home, we had bought a stand that had to be assembled (ummm, i say we but hubby would correct me & say 'we? what woman you gotta mouse in your pocket cos you didn't help me at all!) before we could set up the tv. finally at 10:30 pm the stand was together & we (and i helped!) got the tv out of the box, plugged in & turned it on only to find it was smashed across the screen. luckily our wal-mart is opened 24 hours a day so we took it back (again, i helped) & replaced it. finally, we got it home, plugged in & working great. we went with a sanyo 42' lcd hdtv that we just love! we're ready to rewatch all our 300 movies just because they have to look so much better with this huge, beautiful color tv screen we have now. i'm excited, especially, to see things like 'What Dreams May Come & 'i've been researching computers cos thats the next thing i want. if you have any suggestions for things to watch for or add ons to include, please let me know before we buy, i'd appreciate it. i have a pretty good idea what to look for but advise is always a good idea. i have 2 ide hard drives from this computer that i'd like to be able to use so i know i need at least 2 ide connections inside, plus i have a printer that i want to use & a scanner so i'm hoping to find at least something that will make that all possible. those are just some of the things i know to take into consideration but if you have any other ideas they would be helpful while shopping.
ix had her 9th birthday. a party was necessary. and shopping! lots of shopping!
something else we were looking for was a set of new bunk beds to get the kids in one room together. i hated the look of every bunk bed i looked at until i saw this:
the cutest idea i saw for a way to put both kids in one room. ix gets the top cos jammer has a tendency to roll out of bed. at 5 1/2 feet off the floor i couldn't take the chance of him rolling out & knocking himself silly so it was a no brainer. he wasn't real happy with the decision until he discovered the bottom opened up into a full size bed. that made him happy cos it gives him more room to spread his men out when he's setting up his 'quarters' for his star wars guys, along with his gi joes & cobras. everyone has a different corner & never have to encounter each other unless he so deems. don't you think thats an awesome bunk bed? i just love it. ixxie is beside herself. she got to sleep in the top last night & said it was the best nights sleep she's ever had. imagine that!! a brand new bed makes her old mattress heaven. we didn't have to replace the mattress cos her old twin mattress fit just right. but hey, as long as she's happy, i'm happy.
i've been painting different things around the house. did i show you my closet doors? i'll add them here just in case. i've been watching the 'one stroke painting' shows for years. i've always loved them so i finally decided to start using the knowledge i had accumulated. i love the one stroke painting technique. i've seen so many flowers & roses that i can do them in my sleep. so, i finally decided to start applying what i've learned & this was my first attempt. while i painted the front i let the kids paint their version of flowers on the back & they turned out so cute that i wished i'd let them paint something on the front. i think we're gonna do rocks instead. that way their art can be seen too. also, i always have my own private paintings on the inside of my doors. the great thing about the doors is i can take them with me wherever go. i got a pamphlet from my library & one of the pics on that was a frog. well, one of the pics i want to do is a scene on my bathtub that includes a frog. i decided to use the frog on the pamphlet as my model & it looks so cute. so far i've painted the mushroom he sits on. i've practised the frog on paper but i haven't applied it to a permanent spot yet. here is my mushroom with a pic of the frog: no my mushroom isn't exact but thats the beauty of painting. your perspective is what ever you see. after a few more shows i've actually caught on to a better way to make grass & i'll be improving on my practise shrums soon. when i'm finished practising i'll let y'all see it.
and for a grand finale'. my owls that i just finished painting. they were just plain ole black tin owls & i embellished on them. what do you think? i wished i'd taken a pic before i painted them.
anyway, thats been my preoccupation for the last three weeks. oh, and my tree in my bedroom. i started by scruffying the background & then i started painting my tree & leaves. i want it to look like its blowing in the wind. after that i'm gonna do just little vines with leaves around the walls here & there. it'll look so cute when i'm done.

so, any comments? later.


Walker said...

Congrats on the TV slacker.LOL

I want to get a plasma :(
I have 3 rear projection tvs 40s and a 50 but I want a 60 inch plasma :D

Maybe you could put the other drives in external cases and use them that way