Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Long, Cold, Work Night

our big black tie event is coming up again this weekend. long day. but its usually great food & maybe not good but at least entertaining music. this year its a congo theme. i've seen green & pink table umbrellas & glittery green leaves. the tent isn't as big as usual so the crowd is smaller. hopefully the auction will bring in lots of money & the computers will work this year. talk at ya later,


Tamara said...

Hey hun,there isnt a comment link on your post about Ixxie's book...? Maybe its just my IE,not sure,but I was frantically looking for that link to place a comment there...So I HAD to come here.! OMG! I was still playing with tinker toys,baby dolls,and thought boys were just gross! I said I would NEVER have one of those.But then again...hold onto YOUR seat now(lol) and my best friend were in 2nd grade(whatever age that is) and I distinctly remember us play kissing like on TV.No tongue action of course.But we were acting out what we had seen our parents do,plus watching soap operas was really what we were acting
It's all this stuff on TV now! Girrrl,even the cartoons and supposed to be G rated movies aren't like they used to be,not to mention these video games.This stuff is ruining this generation.
But Lin...she's only 9,and probably doesn't even know what she meant when she wrote it.Maybe it's something she had overheard in the grocery store or other kids at school talking,but not really knowing what sex is.
And my lil nephews that I always buy toys n stuff for,beg me to get them a knife or a BB-gun...that's just a typical boy.
BTW,sorry I haven't been here in a while...well,you know why...but I got my head out of my a*** now,and I'm here if you ever wanna talk.