Thursday, June 17, 2004

I've started this thing about 3 times & decided before posting to not because i was still so upset that i knew i would regret whatever i said. even though that was actually what i was thinking. my son went on a drinking binge ( of the hidden aliens) last weekend & everyone paid the consequences except him. mommy was pissed & left alone all weekend. the kids stayed with me & daddy went to a friends in our area to stay until monday morning when he decided to sober up & come back to earth. i heard it from both of them all weekend & in the end i'm the bad guy for not putting up with the shit & taking the verbal abuse. so, i look to be punished & not get to see the kids for a few weekends. oh well, it's hard to get things done with the kids around on the weekend. this will give us a chance to get some things taken care of. i know i'm not calling them. yes, i'm cutting my nose off to spite my face but come on!!!! i do them a huge favor taking the kids every weekend & i get no appreciation for it. do u know anyone else that keeps their grandkids every weekend?? then for them to think they can treat me like whatever & talk to me like whatever. well, WHATEVER JUST QUIT!!!!!