Wednesday, June 23, 2004

hey a title line ??

what's up with that? i never had a title line before. always room for improvement i guess. not much going on these days. not having the kids kinda hurts. i miss them. i have these pictures at work that keep reminding me of how much i miss them. i thought about taking them down today. i won't.
the cicadas r all gone. they were here for about 6 weeks. it was hilarious to see the people in the city walking around with tennis & badminton rackets or umbrellas that circled over their head. one guy had a rolled up newspaper everytime i saw him & continually swung it as he walked. we had members not renew until after they were gone. kinda crazy to freak out over some little bug. they don't eat the entire time they r out. they drink & procreate. thats it. every mans dream right? drink & have sex.
ok. i'm bored. can u tell? i've gotta find something to wake me up. maybe some coffee. later....