Tuesday, June 08, 2004

does life ever slow down? i know it never takes a break but why does it always have to be such a fast roller coaster? the kids are growing like weeds & dom actually has conversations with you now. (well 3 word sentences but he gets his point across). he's still a very happy baby. one of his favorite words is 'happy'. he says it in alittle sing song kinda way. 'happy, happy, happy'. so when i get feeling blue i try to remember that & am thankful that i am a part of what makes his little world 'happy, happy, happy! i have my digital camera & plan on posting pics as soon as i figure out how to work it. i just have no time to read the instructions right now. my youngest sis just got herself landed in the county jail. stupid... has anyone ever told you it doesn't pay to run from the law? they do call it the 'long arm of the law' for a reason. after being on probation for 5 years & having her fine payed down to a mere $120.00, she couldn't make it to see her probation officer one day & decided that she was just gonna run away from her problems. the worst part of that was a.) she couldn't get a job because they would have to turn in her social security number. b.) she couldn't afford to feed herself without a job. c.) those she considered friends did everything they could to get her caught. d.) she was forced to basically hide out. i've been there for her as much as possible through all this. her fine has been paid finally. by a new friend she has made that she helped out by babysitting her son. yaay, for new friends. it looks like she may luck out & all they really want is her money. the word is the judge wants to see her in court. but the p.o & the judge has agreed that if the fine was paid they are gonna turn her loose. and after over a year of hiding out all it took was to pay that stupid f*#%ing fine.
daddy, mommy, hubby & i took the kids to the local drive-in this weekend to see the new harry potter movie. it was fun & the movie was well worth the wait. i love the potter stories. i've read all the books several times over. the kids were really pretty good. dom was bored here & there but for the most part he watched right along with us. and of course, ixxie talked alot but we still got to watch. we allowed ixxie to have her first sleep over too. a friends daughter that is a little older likes to momma ixxie & they wanted to spend the night together so we agreed. it was good for her. the one thing i realized is that little girls are very demanding. lots more than little boys. i like little boys better. we kept them busy outside as much as possible but it was still alot of work for hubby & i.
next week we have a graduation to attend. also, a double birthday party. another full weekend to say the least.
oh, i've had an epiphany! i know when i got old. the day i cut my hair short. all that weight gone allowed my skin to all fall forward. from the top of my head to my knees. all of a sudden i have a face full of wrinkles, my boobs reach my navel & i can't even see that anymore!! to all of u that still has long hair--keep it. you'll be glad you did.
ta ta for now...