Thursday, June 10, 2004

lil sis lucked out. they released her with no strings attached. if u ever get into trouble keep in mind that they want the money above anything else. just think. 2 years of hiding & running for a measly $120.00 bucks. crazy, don't u think?
is anyone out there any good with linking in these blogs? i can't, for the life of me, figure out how to add the blogs i read to my links. i know...stupid, stupid, stupid. i enlarged my font. all by myself. i'm sure i could figure out the rest in my spare time. if i had any. of course, i'm lazy too. which means i get home from work, take a shower, watch some t.v. & go to bed. i hate getting up in the morning. i have sleep apnea which means i stop breathing about a hundred times through the night. it causes me to wake up, therefore, not getting much sleep. told u i'm getting old.
our major exhibit opened to the public tonight. of course, it rained. kinda put a damper on the attendance. but all in all i'm sure it went over well. about 20 animatronic dinosaurs showed up & began wagging their tales & showing their teeth. they growl & their eyes move. standing anywhere from 8 inches to 20 feet tall. really too cute for words. u'd have to see it to believe it. one had eggs that was cracking open. one was eating it's prey. there is a dig site as well for the kids. and the souveniers are too cute. we have chocolate eggs that open up to expose baby dinosaurs, stuffed animals, t shirts, books, masks, banks, everything dinosaur. there's a ride that u interact with dino's & come face to face with them. the chair shifts around & makes u feel like u'r moving through them.
i found a sippy cup i just have to have for dom. it has a little container inside the cup that has a tiger & elephant floating in liquid that moves as u turn the cup. he'll love it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lindy,

You can add links to all the blogs that you read by using As for images, should you need a free webspace, I recommend you go to

How did I get to your blog ... I can't remember! *LOL* I've bookmarked you tho' so I'll be back :)

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