Sunday, August 15, 2004

Always Like To Get The Nitty Gritty

i called on friday to see what was going on with the kids. i haven't heard anything all week. nothing was going on but my son was working & everyone has been busy. (this is what i was told & yet, in his defense) like hubby & i, my son works at least an hour from home. that just doesn't allow for alot of time to have a life outside of work & chores. family kind of gets swept aside in the bustle. so fool that i am asked if they had any plans for me to meet our twins. mommy kinda got snippy with me & i found out the real problem in this meeting. rude & self centered thing that she can be here comes the nitty gritty. she said 'i'm tired of everybody pushing US into this. i think we can just do it in our own time. and i don't think that she needs to stay the whole time the twins r here. she needs to just drop them off & leave. let us get to know them without her around.' now, we get down to it. i'm not the best person for her to gripe to because i think she's the worst drama queen i've ever met. but i consoled her to the best of my ability. i would like to get to know these girls without any outside intervention as well. lets face it though. how many good mothers would just drop their kids off with total strangers without a little getting comfortable time first? not me, & she wouldn't do it either. its just her 'it better be all about me syndrome'. so i mentioned that maybe i could get in touch with the mommy & maybe get to visit & therefore get acquainted & make this happen a little sooner for son. no! she would do it in her own time. this time next year i may tell u about my new granddaughters. this chic my son is with has what 'she calls' agoraphobia. where u can't leave the house cos u get deathly ill or freak out. i've never seen any sign of this just that she's a bitch that wants things her way & this is one of her excuses to do things when she gets around to it. sharing my son (with his newly acquired family) obviously is not one of the things she wants to do right away. so i am left to pray that my son will take things in his own hands (& forget about the battle that certainly will insue) because he wants to meet his children too.
ever notice what some women can get if they just hold out on a little bit of action? its insinuated on television shows & in stories all the time. i wondered if that was it. honestly for most men its all about the sex. right? i know son has too many girls still stopping by here wanting to know what he's up to so it can't be for her threat of 'lack of nookie'. could it? he could just get that somewhere else. think about it, that's what got him in this situation in the first place. i don't know what to think but if he doesn't get his kahunna's in a grip & get this done i'm gonna cut loose on him. and let me tell u psychobitch, that she is, hasn't seen nothing compared to this mad momma. i'm getting pushed there quickly.