Sunday, August 08, 2004

Dom Has Left The Building

yes, my little man is gone for the week, back home without his mamaw. just about the time i started to post the kids showed up & i've decided i don't want them to read me. u know, i've said some pretty honest things here & i don't want to hurt feelings. speaking of hurt feelings, my mother in law sorta hurt my feelings today. we had a sunday dinner thing with the in laws for hubby's birthday. they always do dinner, desserts & presents. (come to think of it not always, hubby's inclusion in this ritual has only been over the last few years.) i didn't say anything, at the time, because i didn't want to ruin the festivities. for the 2nd time since dom has been borned i've asked her what he's supposed to call them. whether we try to work us all out as mamaw & papaw or grandma & grandpa doesn't matter to me but I want some definition to who is who. the first time i mentioned it she blew me off & drifted on with other conversations & we didn't get a chance to get back to it. this time she actually said 'what we told another little child that was part of our family, mr. & mrs. me'. i have been telling hubby that his parents doesn't think much of either of us 'daughters' married into the family but he doesn't see it. he also thinks i'm wrong about her being serious. she's a tiny, red headed, strict, irish, catholic woman. u tell me, do u think she'd say it if she didn't mean it? sorry if i'm being too touchy. hubby says i'm wrong but seriously, i don't need a brick over the head to get the point. my mom has rubbed me wrong on this subject, as well. when asked, she didn't want to be known as 'granny'. which was what my mamaw became the day my son was born. she told me she would have to think about it. u know, the thing that gets me here is u don't have a choice in this matter. a child is gonna call u what they want to. but it all hurt my feelings cos they don't want to acknowledge my grandson as part of 'their' family. my dad is too wrapped up in his widget (an acronym nickname i've given his live in) to even care what we call him. my mom doesn't want to be old enough to be a granny & my in laws really aren't a huge part of our lives anyway. but i still don't like it. it all hurts my feelings. i want him to feel love & comfort wherever he goes. he deserves to have a wonderful life as do all children. poor baby has so many obstacles to overcome in this day & time, i just want to be there for him. i wish the rest of my family loved us enough to care.
gotta get ready for work tomorrow.


J's Mom said...

NeeNee is the name my daughter named her Granny.

The Gr part was too hard to get out. But the ny part was easy.

So...we have NeeNee

But your right, she will be called something. It probably wont be up to either of you. All good intentions go out the window when left to a child.