Monday, August 23, 2004

Bring On The Aliens

this weekend has been interesting. dom was in a mean mood all weekend. punching, kicking, pulling hair & making faces. i can tell he's been exposed to someone new. i'm not sure which kid is teaching him these things or if maybe ixxie is being done this way & in turn treating him the same. i don't like it. i thought about teaching him the term 'time out'. except i know he won't understand just yet. i tapped his butt once that didn't phase him. i told him countless times not to hurt sissy or memaw. when i picked him up & he started kicking or punching i sat him back down & said 'ok, if that's how u want to act i won't hold u. i don't want to hold an ugly boy.' he insisted on being picked up only to punch u or make an ugly face.
ixxie was just as mean except she didn't tell on herself. thus, adding whining & tattling to her list. u can't turn ur back on her that she's not making some nasty face or mumbling under her breathe at u. all of which irritate the hell out of me. the whining & tattling r mostly what u can expect from little girls. little boys tend to strike back in some way instead. the nasty faces makes me want to stand her in a corner to think about who the boss is. the mumbling on the other hand makes me want to smack a mouth. i can't stand hearing some little kid make some sarcastic comment under their breathe that they think u can't hear. the first thing that comes to mind is shut that ugly hole in that kids head. of course, i maintain my composure & try to reason with them instead but honestly my first thought is bad. hello alien! i won't knock u off ur feet with a smack across the mouth but u need to learn in the future that this is not something i'm gonna put up with. the older u get the worse this can get if i don't put a stop to it right now. the curse of the hidden alien is u will deal with memaw. i will win.
i've taught son, all his life, that he would never get too big for me to love or knock out. whatever the situation warrants. 'if i have to stand on a ladder & use a skillet i will always win' is how i put it to him. thankfully, he's never tested this (i know i really wouldn't & i don't think he really ever believed me) just the threat has always been enough. he's never disrespected me or hurt me intentionally. i think he just has a good, level head for problem solving & uses his common sense. now to begin again & teach the new children. to quote elvis...lord, this time u gave me a mountain.
another alien reared its ugly head this weekend. an ex girlfriend of sons. he met her in the first grade & came home telling me that he met the girl he wanted to marry. that she was the most beautiful, sweet & funny girl he had ever met. they were good friends all through school simply because, when dating became an option, both always seemed to be dating someone else when the other was free.
after graduation they lost contact & rediscovered each other in a bar one night which should have been the first clue. they were both fresh out of relationships. she had a son & still lived at home (with her mother) living on welfare. he had a job, an ex-wife & his own apartment. they spent a year & a half trying to make a life together. too many years, too many ex whatevers & too many secrets later they decided they would never work. they again went their separate ways. until this weekend when she decided she wanted to reintroduce son to the 'throes of april'. she showed up first on friday out of the blue with the son that we had known. god love him, he had skinnied up & was turning into a handsome young man. i thought nothing of it at the time. just that she was being sentimental & wanted to say hi to some familiar faces.
NOT.. she showed back up on sunday not even 10 minutes after mommy & daddy arrived. i think she was even laying in attack mode up the street waiting for her prey. she showed up drunk wearing a bikini top with cut off short shorts & combat boots. loud & obnoxious trying
to intice my son. he wouldn't even look at her due to not making mommy go balistic. mommy glared. glared hard every time ex opened her mouth. ex was too drunk to even notice that she wasn't welcomed or even appreciated for all her loud, intrusive not so subtle hints that she wanted my sons attention. falling over everything trying to make friends with the kids while she rubbed her boobs all over my hubby. she was just an ass.
after they left i told her that i felt sorry for him when exgirlfriends like her showed up. she wasn't the first to decide that they belonged together, afterall, and whether he is happy or not is nobody elses business. that he is trying to make a life with this woman that gave birth to his son & allow that son to have a good life. she didn't appeciate my input but she also didn't retain it. she went out the door still saying that they belonged together. she was tired of being alone & had never really gotten over him.
and life goes on...