Monday, July 11, 2005

Thank You, Friends

thanks to ML & Nasty for their input. i do think i'm gonna upgrade the windows program while i'm at it ML. Nasty i'm hoping to have the time to check out the site you suggested tomorrow. we've had the kids this weekend & i can't sit down at the pc without a helping hand so, no time to hit it yet. but back to work tomorrow & i can get somethings done then. i've got the data lifeguard tools installation disk with the new hard drive. i think after checking out my mother board i'll be on my way. i've made my necessary backups, if i fuck it up its ok except, like you said, i have to be careful about the size difference. cross your fingers for me.
ML, I also tried to comment to your blog but I'm not sure it took. I wanted to tell you I've been thinking of you & C. I'm glad you guys are doing alright and thankful your family members are unharmed, as well. Too bad 'people' have to lash out like that. You can only hope that what comes around goes around & somewhere they'll get theirs.
it's late now & i've got hit the sack.


ML said...

Thanks Lindy.. good luck with the upgrade