Monday, July 11, 2005

Where Did This Come From?

mr p has been molting & shedding for the last few weeks. it's kinda gross to find bird feathers everywhere. the little shit won't get in the shower with me anymore, only hubby. that is mr p with hubby not hubby with me. damn, too much information? damn again, that was the good ole days. i remember the days when the foreplay started long before the bedroom. including the shower. still with the too much information? you know, i know whats wrong. its that time & i'm in the mood. well, that & i told you my bird is horny so he's always jacking off on the fake bird we got for him. that kinda keeps making the sex thing pop into my brain. the funny thing is i think it's me that makes the bird so horny. everytime i walk into the room he starts screeching at me & flies to me. landing on my head or shoulder. then he gets close enough to my eyes to get my attention. (like i could ignore a bird clinging to my hair to hang over my head.) i pick him up on my finger & start kissing at him & kisses back then ducks his head for me to rub him. after a few minutes of loving on him & talking to him he starts biting at me & flies back to his cage to hump the fake bird again. this only happens about once an hour. smells fishy to me....hahahaha. does bird cum smell like fish? this has gotten out of hand.
oh yeah, one more thing i wanted to mention on the subject of sex. well, the size of sexual objects anyway. i saw a bumble bee today that had to be some kind of a mutant bee but what could have procreated this thing is beyond me. it looked just like a bumble bee except it was about 3 inches long & about that wide too. it flew really slow so i got a good look at it. i got to thinking about what made that thing & all kinds of strange thoughts started turning into some really hilarious images. like a humming bird & a bumble bee. both flying very fast. they collide & a few weeks later she comes visiting to drop off their little mistake. only the mistake grows up to be a great big fucking bee that eats everything in the house including daddy. then to go even farther into my weird mind i started wondering how big that bees dick had to be in his world. i wondered if he's popular or if he was just the big dork i saw. i'm horny but even i thought he was ugly & wondered 'does he even get any.' see i'm sick.
i'll go now....


Rainex said...

It was probably a
Queen bumblebee!