Saturday, July 02, 2005

Upgrades And How To's

ok, anyone really good with computers? i love taking them apart & upgrading them but i've just bought a 250 gig hard drive & i run windows 98me. the instructions tell me i may have to install a card that will allow my operating system to recognize the whole drive. this is new to me. i've never heard about the 98me not being capable of seeing a bigger drive. something about 137gig being the most 98 could handle. too bad i didn't know this before i bought the big ass drive. so, i'm doing some research & i'm gonna attempt this upgrade on my own. any input would be appreciated.


ML said...

Why dont you install XP on the new drive and then migrate everything across?

nastybastard said...

Does the machine recognize the entire size of the drive? If not, then you need to get that fixed first.

"Windows 98SE support for 48 bit LBA requires that you have support from your motherboard or a compatible 3rd party PCI controller card that has 48-bit support. This will enable support for drives larger than 137 Gigabyte. FDISK will also not support these drives, so you will need to use the manufacturers setup disk for the hard drive or a 3rd party partition program."

This link may help: