Sunday, July 31, 2005

Dreams Can Come True

i've got way too many clothes. and too much junk. i've been looking around the house. there is no place to stash one more thing. i've absolutely acquired too much stuff in the 20 some years i've lived here. not counting the crap i have stored for all the other people that have no place to store shit. i have two full rooms that you almost can't walk into. i own over 200 videos, i have enough clothes that i could wear a different outfit every day & never have to do laundry for at least a year. not to mention all the new clothes i am constantly buying. i am a clothesaholic. i never pay the full amount for anything. its always bargain sales but damn, what to do with all this stuff. i've been slowly going through things & deciding what i can live without but that ain't easy. i've given away about a dozen bags full of clothes but i can't see where they came from. my closets are still just full. i can't do anything with kids every weekend. unless i wait for them to get big enough to help me & put them to work. my other choices would be to do it a little everyday after i get home from work or do it on my vacation. doesn't sound like a fun vacation to me.
to make matters worse, i think i'm a pack rat too. i've got a thousand computers sitting here waiting for me to do something with. some need programs put in them others just need memory sticks. it's all mostly easy, quick fixes but it's a years worth of work that i don't even have the room to work on anymore. is that room getting smaller? one of these days i want a mansion. i want so many rooms you can get lost for a week. then i can spread all this shit out & have lots more room for my new acquisitions.
that sounds like a better idea to me. and for vacation, i want to go south. somewhere that i can don a beautiful bathing suit with a sarong & dance with big strong pretty men, while the wind blows my natural curly hair in a soft frame around my face. with the moonlight reflecting in my luminous green eyes. and my teeth...
what teeth?
psych! hahahaha
night all


Rainex said...

What! No duct tape?!