Sunday, December 04, 2005

Sextex & The Dog

not to bore you but i still have stories about my thanksgiving weekend. this one is about my friend sextex. sextex is a hottie from texas. she's tall & thin with dark hair & big pretty brown eyes. her texan accent has always gotten the male attention whenever we went out together. have you ever had a friend that just oozed poise & pinache? well, sextex is that friend. she's smart & pretty with a great sense of humor...every thing about her 'appearance' is perfect. but this woman has the freakiest things happen to her & when you're with her this freakiness tends to rub off on you. one of the few nights i've ever spent in jail was a result of being out with her (& the men that we attracted...all 8 of them that followed us everywhere we went).
But that is another story....back to thanksgiving....
sextex & her brother stopped by to visit this weekend. she had a dog that needed a home. sextexs' brother was the best man in our wedding. a sweeet man that has never worked a job as far as i know. he's also kind of a pitiful man. he has absolutely no confidence in himself. small frame, long hair, big glasses & missing fingers. maybe working is not a necessity. nor has he ever married for that matter.
the dog was actually his dog. a little black chihuahua that was just so cute & cuddly (sp?). i love chihuahua's. my mom bred them & when she passed away i inherited her 3 babies. so yeah, i know how annoying they can be but they are so little & cute. have you drawn the conclusion yet that every one brings their dogs to me when they want to get rid of them? for some reason the whole world thinks i'm a doggy adoption agency. got a dog you don't want? sure, bring it to me & i'll put it up in my home until i either love it or find it a damn good home.
this little guy was fat as a butterball & really layed back for such a wiry dog. i had him for 3 nights & 2 days & only heard him bark 2 times. i called a few people to help find him a home cos with ms. m having seizures over new animals or too much company i didn't want to throw her into a tizzy. i wanted to keep him but my best bet was to find someone to love him. i needed to find him a home fast. which i did & i can visit him anytime to boot.
sonny took him home & papaw loves him too. that means he gets 2 homes for the price of one. turns out he's a lucky dog.
well....that's about it for now. i'm still getting over the cough but i'm feeling like i want to live again.
in my best arnold imitation 'i'll be bach'.