Saturday, January 07, 2006

Always Something

why does it always have to be something? you all know the story behind the ixxie. the whole she had mommy put in jail thing & always being in trouble at school. well, its getting better. now, she's telling stories on other people. she is in therapy & seeing a counselor 2 times a week. i guess i'd be afraid to be a bug on the wall with the results of these sessions. since her first visit she has included a cousin in her stories & now the little girl has to see a counselor. her mother may face charges. not because they know anything just because ixxie tells them things. all papaws have been named & of course mommy is still in trouble. as a matter of fact mommy has to see a counselor too. they figure if ixxie tells them a story then she must have a reason.
she told someone that i told her how stupid she was. i mean, just between me & the door post i don't think she's the sharpest tool in the shed but i always try to encourage her to learn. i've never said anything to her about being stupid. not even joking. when people tell me (including her mother) that i'm fighting a losing battle i still defend her & tell them i don't think so. i'll go right on trying to teach her every chance i get. she has no interest in anything except television & cartoons. she won't try to read a book with you. she won't repeat her abc's unless bribed. she can tie her shoe but she always brings them to you even when they are strap on. i mean velcro strap ons. but i will always try to be there for her.
at this point i think everyone is afraid to question her for what she might say. except the social worker or her counselor. which keeps them in a job.
my brain is overwhelmed.