Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Invasion Time

jammer laid his head on my lap this weekend. he just stood there for a minute. then with his big beautiful blue eyes he looked up & said 'memaw, i'm a genius', grinned from ear to ear & hugged me. what was that all about? of course i agree with him. he is a genius but how did he know it? what had he done to give himself such an epiphany? i may never know but i do know before the night was over papaw was asking for his glasses & could someone help him find them. we were also missing a bat, a ball & football pads. sounds like a plan in the works. ahh, thats why he's a genius, he thinks he got away with hiding the ingredients to his wicked, evil alien plan of taking over the adults of earth. he also obviously plans on using his gorgeous eyes & that toothless grin that he applies at every turn.
gotta go. its too late & bathes aren't over yet. just thought i'd drop in before getting ready for work tomorrow.


Rainex said...

He sounds very smart!
We could learn a lot
from kids.