Monday, March 27, 2006

Sick To My Stomach

jammers first visit to his orthodontist was last week. turns out they want to crown some of his teeth. apparently his 7 cavity filled teeth are a disaster for his new teeth getting ready to come in... if they rot too far they will rot his permanent teeth out before they even form.
i just heard a thump in the bedroom. i know in my mind what happened but i have to be the dutifull wife & go see where hubby just fell. s'cuse me. while i help him up...or maybe just drop a rose on him. (hahahah) come on! (lighten up) when he falls i never know what he might hit. theres all kinds of shit that are potentionally dangerous. we're talking bed corners, heaters, doors, dressers, jewelry boxes, hell, even just hitting the floor isn't going to feel good. right? he could strangle himself with a sheet. he freaks me out. i quit rolling out of my bed when i was about about you? the best part is when i get to the bedroom (hey, sometimes i'm in the middle of something) i know he's going to still be laying wherever he landed cos he's tooooo drunk to get up or realize he even fell in most cases. so, i'm very careful about how i phrase this...honey, are you alright? do you need me to help you up? most cases he looks up at me from where he landed & gives me this really dumbfounded look but doesn't even realize where he is. what d'ya mean? i'm fine. after i explain that his face is laying on the fan, on the floor, with a beer in his hand that he didn't spill & he didn't even take a blanket with him so he's laying there naked plus there was this huge thump & i'm not sure if he hit something or has it all under control-he tells me he's alright. famous last words...right?
i feel sick. can you guess why?


Rainex said...

Really sorry about
Jammer's teeth,
in the UK they don't
do that to milk teeth,
just extractions. Hope he
is ok.
And you of course, 'cos
you love him.

Lindy.. The Alien Keeper said...

They tell me if they pull them out his permanent teeth won't have a path to follow. And that rotted milk teeth cause rotten permanent teeth. Whatever, I just hope they don't manage to freak him out over going to a dentist in the long run.